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Looking for the perfect addition to your child's bedding collection? Look no further than the Vellux Single Size Blanket!

This blanket is designed to provide your little ones with the warm and cosy sleeping experience they need. Measuring a generous 178 x 228cm, it's the perfect size to comfortably cover their bed and keep them snug all night long.

Not only is the Vellux Single Size Blanket incredibly soft and comfortable, but its machine washable and dryer safe making it easy to clean. With the rough and tumble of a kids bed, you can trust that it will withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and maintain its softness and comfort.

So why settle for less when you can give your child the best? Upgrade their bedding collection today with the Vellux Single Size Blanket and watch them wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Perfect for Allergy Sufferers

When washed regularly, your Vellux remains free of dust mites making it ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Unique Thermal Core

The Thermal Core within the super soft velour regulates body heat maintaining year-round comfort and a restful sleep without the weight.

Lightweight and Super Soft

The ultimate in sleep comfort! The lightweight, exceptional warmth and soft, cuddly feel of Vellux assists arthritis and chronic pain sufferers.

Machine Wash and Tumble Dry

Machine wash and tumble dry your Vellux blanket at least once every three months to maintain moisture in the thermal core and years of comfort.