Enjoy years of comfort from your Vellux Blanket with these easy to follow care tips.

WASH YOUR VELLUX BEFORE USE to remove any loose fibres.

COLD/WARM MACHINE OR HAND WASH separately EVERY 3 MONTHS to maintain moisture in the thermal core and prevent drying out. Ensure your washing machine is large enough to allow the blanket to move during washing.

TUMBLE DRY on low heat (52°C) or LINE DRY thoroughly before storing.

DO NOT store in plastic bag once opened. DO NOT dry clean, or iron. DO NOT use bleach or detergents containing brighteners or softeners.


When washed regularly, your Vellux remains free of dust mites making it ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. It's unique Thermal Core regulates body heat maintaining year-round comfort and a restful sleep, and the lightweight, exceptional warmth and soft, cuddly feel of Vellux assists arthritis and chronic pain sufferers. 

Vellux blankets are made in China under licence by WestPoint Home Inc New York USA. Vellux is licensed through Australian family owned textile company Westpoint Marketing Aust Pty Ltd