Our Unique Differences

Are you the sort of person that loves to snuggle into bed with the covers right up under your chin, but your partner overheats no matter what the weather is doing?

What about the kids? Do they constantly complain it's too cold at night, or do you find their bedding on the floor every morning?

Well a Vellux Blanket might be just the thing you are looking for. They're super plush, lightweight, and thanks to our unique patented Thermal Core, helps regulate body heat and prevents overheating. Problem solved!

 So if you want to sleep comfortably, whether it's a cool or warm night… You’ll be glad you chose a Vellux!

Our blanket also loves being washed and actually gets softer and softer with every wash!

Perfect for Allergy Sufferers

When washed regularly, your Vellux plush remains free of dust mites making it ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Unique Thermal Core

The Thermal Core within the super soft velour regulates body heat maintaining year-round comfort and a restful sleep without the weight.

Lightweight and Super Soft

The ultimate in sleep comfort! The lightweight, exceptional warmth and soft, plush feel of Vellux assists arthritis and chronic pain sufferers.

Machine Wash and Tumble Dry

Machine wash and tumble dry your Vellux throw at least once every three months to maintain moisture in the thermal core and years of comfort.