The perfect hypoallergenic blanket

Owning a hypoallergenic blanket can make a huge difference if you suffer from allergies. Not only does it block out allergens like dust mites, but using a hypoallergenic blanket also helps you to get the much-needed sleep that can be elusive for allergy sufferers.

Hypoallergenic blankets are constructed with distinctive materials that act as a barrier between yourself and the dust mites, thus preventing the allergens from coming in contact with you. 

Vellux is developed using their unique Thermal Core Technology. The blanket is 100% velour material and consists of two layers of foam on a polyester membrane and covered with nylon flock, requiring no weaving at all.

The size of the space between the threads of the fabric weave or pore size determines the level of efficacy of the fabric to block the entrance of allergens. The pore size of the fabric is measured in microns. Smaller the pore size of the fabric, the more it will resist the allergens. Generally, less than 10 microns in diameter pore size is recommended for hypoallergenic use.

In addition to pore size, the fabric should also be easy to wash. Because for an allergy sufferer, it is necessary to regularly clean bedding material to eliminate all chances of dust mites and other allergens. Moreover, the blanket must retain natural softness, neatness of the stitching and warmth after frequent washing.

You should never ever compromise on the comfort and breathability of your blanket. Having a good night’s sleep in an uncomfortable, noisy, and stiff blanket is virtually impossible.

The fabric of the blanket should be soft and breathable. It should feel supple and comfortable on the skin. Some hypoallergenic fabrics feel like plastic due to the addition of an increased percentage of low-grade polyester. And this decreases their breathability and comfort level.

In addition to perfect breathability, the blanket should also be lightweight, warm and soft. An excellent hypoallergenic blanket creates a breathable yet perfectly sealed barrier against allergens.

The size of a good hypoallergenic blanket is almost six inches longer than the normally available standard blankets. As the main purpose of the hypoallergenic blanket is to provide you ultimate safety from all allergens, so the better the coverage, the higher the protection level.

Vellux Blankets encompass all the characteristics of the perfect hypoallergenic blanket. This blanket is lightweight, has a soft velvety texture and provides superb heat retention. The blanket is manufactured with 100% nylon that is rested on the foam base. The foam base provides luxurious comfort and ultimate softness.

This blanket can be easily washed in the machine. It will retain its softness even after several machine washes. 

You can use this exceptionally comfortable blanket all year round. This is definitely a great fit for your bedroom, but you can also put it in the living room or lounge to give a more plush look all over the house.

Most importantly hypoallergenic fabric of this blanket forms a protective layer that keeps you safe from microscopic allergens. Being one of the most trusted brands in America you can completely rely on the quality of the product.

The use of hypoallergenic blankets is essential for everyone, especially for allergy sufferers. Hypoallergenic blankets keep you safe from the allergens and thus reduce the probability of allergic reactions tremendously.


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