You’ll find that Vellux is like no other blanket you’ve ever seen.

This amazing, high-tech, ultra-light, ultra-warm, low maintenance blanket is quick and easy to wash, wears well, and won’t pill or mat; plus, it dries in next to no time… which leaves more time for you!

Easy to WashEasy to wash Simply machine wash your Vellux blanket at least once every three months to keep it “healthy”. Dissolve washing powders before adding to wash, or use liquid fabric cleaners for best results. Do not dry clean your Vellux blanket.

Tumble DryEasy to DryVellux blankets are so lightweight, You can easily line dry [maximum 1 hour] or tumble dry for 15 minutes [maximum] and it will be ready to put back on your bed! No need to iron. Store wrapped in dry cleaning tissue [avoid plastic bags or airtight container]

Super warm, super lightSuper warm, super lightVellux® will keep you nice and warm on those colder nights, and is lightweight enough to keep you sleeping comfortably on warmer nights. Imported under licence from WestPoint Home Inc, New York (owners of the Vellux trademark) Made in China